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Plans, plans, plans.

If all goes well, then in two weeks, I will have disappeared off the face of the Earth. Unseen, unheard from, and un-known in the social world. The only time anyone has a chance of seeing me will be during any of my seventeen hours of classes or during Student Senate duties. Sounds depressing and maniacal, right?

Um, wrong. ABSOLUTELY wrong. So so so wrong.
I bet you’re thinking I’ve gone mad and crazy.  …Yeah, maybe. But there’s a perfectly good reason!

Here’s the deal: I am rushing the greatest organization known to man, a.k.a. Chamber. The Baylor Chamber of Commerce. And very much hopefully I’ll be a pledge beginning 9/14/2007. And to quote my Accounting professor, it’s going to be “the Mother of all pledging.”
& you have no idea how excited I am! So I thought I would maybe use this to let you, my dear friends, that I am alive and well throughout this whole she-bang.

P.S. Really really excited. =]


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