I wish I were home.

Right now.

But for one reason, and one reason only. I want to bake. And I don’t have all the resources here to do it. Time included. Hah. But all these new cupcake recipes look so dang good, and I’m going to have to test them out sometime! So yeah, I’m going to need a few taste testers and food critics. But here’s a little preview of what you might be forced to consume in the near future. (Mind you, I’m planning Jennifer’s party and I’ll be baking up a storm for that.)

These are all cupcake flavors that sound too good to be left unbaked:
-Mint mocha
-Pineapple Upside-down
-Rasperry Vanilla
-White chocolate Raspberry

I’m going to be updating this list as I discover more cupcake-y goodness.

I know, this was a pretty pointless post for you to read, but I needed to keep my list safe somewhere.
But you’ll reap the benefits once I actually get around to baking all of this. Promise.


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    Mary said,

    why or why do you do this to me? I expect to be a taste tester during Spring Break… When is your break? Mine is from 10th to 14th.

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