What about?

I’m Jessica. I’m a college sophomore wishing for real-world experiences while hiding behind the security of the middle-ground I’m currently in. I can only use the “I’m a college kid” excuse for two more years, and I’m taking advantage of it. I love to bake, and I have thought about being a pastry chef… I have also considered being a vet, artist, broadcast journalist, politician, pediatrician, etc. I try to make the most out of my 24-hour day, but sometimes I find myself perusing random websites and dancing in my underwear. I am a student government geek. I try not to settle. I believe in a thing called love, but it hasn’t found me yet. I’m just rolling with the punches. I love laughing and a cupcake with some strong black coffee. I love being on a caffeine buzz. And rambling. I love to stay up late. My handwriting seems to change on a frequent basis and I have no idea why. I’m an ideas person, but I also love to put them in action. Sometimes I don’t think before I speak, and it always gets me in trouble of some sort. I find myself in awkward positions a lot of the time… I can’t help it! Without friends, my world is incomplete. Jake Gyllenhaal is my celebrity crush. I love to run, and only a mile at a time. I think New Years’ Resolutions are a bit silly, but I love fortune-cookie fortunes. I believe there is a higher power holding my ridiculous life together, because I know that I can’t handle it on my own.


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