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spring break!

It’s here, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it. If the weather doesn’t get any nicer, and by ‘nicer’ I mean ‘warmer’, I’m going to have to hurt somebody… Texas and snow do not mix.

My list of things to do before heading back to Waco:
– Read All The King’s Men for World Cultures IV.
– Write a paper for WC IV.
– Study for Social World II midterm (who the heck gives a midterm after spring break?)
– Revise Constitution and Bylaws for grammar. (YEAH!)
Read the perks of being a wallflower. [edit 3/11/08: wow.]
– Read Velvet Elvis.
– Write two reports for Chinese.
– Finish Chinese workbook assignment.
– Write a letter to the editor regarding biased and uninformative reporting on Friday’s article about Senate.
– Continue researching university bike lanes. Create a proposal.
Have lunch with Ms. P [edit 3/11/08: It was nice catching up. She’s been going through a lot.]
Interview with Northwestern Mutual [edit 3/12/08: The interview process is so long — it’s far from being over. I have a good feeling about it, though.]
Catch up on lost sleep! [edit 3/09/08: I’m done sleeping. No more for me.]

If you’re my friend, and if I haven’t seen you in a while, I’m definitely not too busy to make time for you! Promise.

I’m facebook-fasting. I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while, so I decided that it would be a perfect time to start. I’m on it way too much for my own good. I’m not sure how long I can keep it up, but hopefully at least until Easter. We’ll see…


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Who would’ve thunk?

Karen Dillard’s College Prep and Jasper High School’s principle, Michael Novotny both in trouble? It’s too good to be true!


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The week hasn’t started and things are already getting weird…

I decided on the way back from Plano that I needed to hit the gym after all the Chinese New Year (read: eating until immobile) festivities this evening. So I called up Mary N. and we agreed to go after some studying/Friends-watching got done.

Everything was going great. The treadmills were new(!) and were just begging me to run on them. The mats were free of smelly people and I could stretch and do crunches as much as I wanted to. The weight machines were for the most part uninhabited and there was none of that ridiculously awkward waiting-for-the-other-person-to-finish-so-I’ll-stand-and-twiddle-my-thumbs business. It was perfect…

I could feel my legs getting less jiggly by the minute, so I stopped my weights workout. Mary N. hopped onto the machine and I stood there, catching my breath. And then!– this creepy He-Woman made eye contact with me across the railing that separates the free weights from the weight machines. And this is the horrifying transcript of the longest thirty seconds of my life:

He-Woman: Tiffany?!
Me: …no, sorry.
He-Woman: Really? Oh that’s too bad, person-who-has-a-face-just-as-cute-as-Tiffany. That’s okay. I’ll just stand here for a minute and look at your cute face and then I’ll leave.
Me: …uhh… (I turned to look at Mary. We shared wide-eyed glances in horror. Then I turned to see if He-Woman was still there. …he/she was.)
He-Woman: (stares at me, bug-eyed. blinks hard a couple of times. continues staring again.)
Me: (turned again to look at Mary. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.)
He-Woman: (blinks hard two more times.) Okay, bye! (returns to his/her free weights).

In the five seconds between his/her awkward staring and his/her “okay, bye!”, Mary had already hopped off the machine and was ready to run out of the weight room with me.

Mary: “Jess! He was raping you with his eyes! Oh my gosh!!”

And the moral of this story is:
Don’t go to the gym alone. There will always be creepy people, and the creepiness is more tolerable if you have someone there to feel uncomfortable with.

And to all the He-Womans in the world:
If you are fat, jiggle, and have boobies, along with a slightly higher-pitched voice than your male compatriots, it doesn’t help your appearance at all if you also have pierced ears.

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It wasn’t meant to be.

And I’m trying really hard to be okay with it.

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Biting my tongue:

All I want to say is “I told you so.”
But I’m not going to.

However, I would be delighted to let you know
that I’m happy with this outcome
because I think it works better this way.
For you.
For everyone.
For the world.

[Even if you aren’t ready to acknowledge it yet.]

But I’ll tell you the whole dang truth
once you finally decide to ask me
what my opinion is.
I’ll tell you exactly what I think
and it’ll be the same story you’ve already heard.
Except, maybe, this time,
you’ll really hear it.

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Class in an hour, but I’m bloggin’ anyway.

Week two of rush. Event #3 is today. Billiards night.

About the veg diet: love it. I was thinking about all the foods that I’m going to miss (fajitas, we had some delicious times together), but my conscience knows better than to give in. I feel more energetic.  I feel empowered. I feel like I’m making a difference (saving an animal or three. or 100. really!- every vegetarian saves about a hundred animals per  year). And I feel like I’m doing my body something really good.

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Current Obsessions: [subject to change!]

1. Whole wheat english muffins with Spreadable Peach. Yum!

2. Blue Like Jazz. It’s so real, authentic, genuine.

3. Good talks with good friends. :]

4. ‘Everything’ by Michael Buble.

5. ‘Five Minutes to Midnight’ by Boys Like Girls.

6. Running (one mile at a time.)

7. Lemon-lime Airborne. I’m trying to ward off crazy stuff in this crazy Texas weather.

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