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oh goodness! uber excitement. =D

For a number of reasons:

1) I got to wear my prom dress tonight.
2) The vegetarian lifestyle is going well.
3) I have the room to myself for the weekend.
4) Rush was earlier tonight– theme? Monte Carlo. It rocked.!
5) I am surprisingly good at poker. hah.
6) Got my invite to formal coffee (Monday evening).
7) Made some great awkward conversation. I’m really good at it.
8) Spent time with Josh (date) who was awesome at making me look good tonight. (coffee and catching-up afterwards = really good.)
9) I can fall asleep watching a movie tonight and no one will care.

Vegetarian story? You know you want to hear it, and this is how it goes:
Every friday, one of the cafeterias on campus serves fish (to honor Catholic practices) and I decided I would stop by and pick up a late lunch after class today. Thinking that I probably needed the protein and whatnot that comes with fish, got some (and cherry tomatoes and sugar cookies– yum!) to bring back to my room so I could eat and get ready for Rush. Well, I cut off a small bite of the fish fillet with my fork and brought it to my mouth. No big deal, I told myself. You can eat this just like you eat tuna salad. I raised the fork to my mouth and tried to eat it. Chewed it for a really long time. And then, I couldn’t bring myself to swallow it. I kept thinking about how animals raised for food are treated, and in my mind, I guess I had subconsciously categorized fish as such. Even though I told myself that I wouldn’t take it out of my diet. Basically, I ended up force-feeding it to myself. It was pretty gross. I realize now that it was a psychological thing, because I’m okay with eating tuna salad. This vegetarian business has turned my life around 180-degrees in less than a week. I’m amazed.


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